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Machina Mk3

Abrasion Resistant Nozzle, 7 inch touchscreen, Wifi/Cloud Slicing

Metal Gears Reduction

High Torque, very high pushing force.

Heated Print Platform

Super Easy Printing Platform

Unlimited Materials

All the materials and colours (*)

HVD-Tech (tm)

Hardware Vibration Dampening

About Us

Awesome people making excellent 3D printers. That's who we are. Come see us or contact us and let us answer all your questions about 3D printing. Join us. Join all other people who dare to make something out of their imagination. We make these machines here in Canada; we use our machines for thousands of hours and we know our stuff.

Our Products and Services

At Machina Corp we work hard to make your 3D printing experience an easy and enjoyable one. Look through our product and service offering and we encourage you to let us know if there's something you would like for us to offer

3D Printers

The High Temperature Mk3 3D printers: X16HT, X24HT, X30, X75 and custom machines.

Custom 3D Printers

Want a long/tall print bed? We build custom machines.

Performance Materials

Nylon, CarbonFiber Composites, ABS, ASA, PETG, PC, PE, Polyurethane and many others.

Materials and Accessories

(*) Virtually unlimited selection of materials that bring out the creator in you.


Educational and Industry Packages

Awesome Educational Discounts and Bundles