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Free Print Friday

Free Print Friday

Free Print Friday

How it works:

1. Each Friday we pick a project and bring it to life. For free. (Some conditions do apply, read on).

2. The catch: If you want your project mailed to you, you pay for mailing. We mail with the awesome Canada Post Service.

3. Rules:
Rule 1. We decide what project we pick.
Rule 2. Max 1kg of material or 24 hours of print time – whichever comes

Rule 3. You MUST allow us to share this project for free – images, screenshots, video, promotional, website, etc. basically we want to be able to talk about it freely.
Rule 4. We can modify the project for better suitability for manufacturing, material, timing, or any other reason deemed suitable and applicable for the project. What is any other reason? For example, your project is a life Size version of the Death Star; well, likely we may do a small, tiny part of the death star, like a nut and bolt assembly and just call it the “Death Star nut and bolt assembly”. A life size version of the Death Star is not practical and impossible to fit in our Free Print Friday project.

4. How to submit your project:

Email us at with the subject : FPF Project Proposal and submit your idea. Do not email us STL files. They will be burned in the digital incinerator. You are however free to submit links to websites, file sharing websites, social media that may show us what your idea is.

5. We receive a lot of correspondence. We will only contact the ones we have selected otherwise there will not be enough time for the digital incinerator.


2018, June 08

Cube Satellite – Machina Free Print Friday

For our inaugural FPF edition we shoot for the starts. What better way to start such amazing showcase of technology and human ingenuity but with a nod to the era of the titans of space travel, when satellites were the size of cars and cost as much as a modern high school.

Cube satellites – they are new, hot and by far one of the most innovative evolutions of human communication and low orbit exploration in recent years.

Here we showcase a fully functional cube satellite model that can be produced via 3D printing technologies. The satellite is modular and allows for 2-3 modules to be connected together.

We share the concept, design challenges, ideas, choices we think are good, possible improvments needed, files and actual toolpath so all you have to do is hit “print” on your machine and Voila! Cube Satellite for you when you wake up. It’s Christmas in June!



Machina Cube Satellite