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Machina Corp Mk3 X16 – Material Characterization 3D Printer

May 16, 2018 – Machina Corp is taking preorders on the Machina X16HT 3D printer. The Machina Corp X16 has a preorder price of $2,750 USD, will feature a 500C Carbide Tip Nozzle, with a fast heating heatbed up to 150C, geared print head. The product is intended for Academia and R&D Labs, with a print volume capable of printing all relevant North American standard tests for material characterization. The product is built on top of the fantastic Machina Corp X16 framework, which is a regular workhorse in manufacturing shops needing to work with high performance materials such as Nylon, Polyolefin, and other “poly” type of materials.

The Machina Corp X16 is the perfect companion for the R&D lab pursuing material tests and characterizations, whether testing new material formulas or various cutting edge shapes and geometries.

Shipping Fall 2018, preorder Now for $2,750 USD, email (target retail price of $4,000 USD)