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Machina Master Spool Filament

Machina Corp is please to introduce a new material product aimed at bringing ongoing better value to our customers while lowering the footprint we are making on our planet.

Introducing the “MasterSpool” product.

The MasterSpool product is a cartridge + material refill combination. The material is coiled around a cardboard short cylinder; material comes held together by zip ties and is vacuumed packed. The refill material has a noticeably smaller footprint, therefore making it more efficient in shipping the material. As well, when finished, there is no plastic spool to try and recycle; the leftover is a small circular cardboard which is recyclable along with the rest of cardboard.

The catch? The refill must be used in conjunction with a cartridge; there are injection molded cartridges available or you can purchase a readily printed one or you can print your own.

The Machina Corp refill cartridge has been carefully designed so it is sturdy, secures well in place with 2 x M3 screws into M3 nuts. This will ensure the cartridge will stay put together and keep the sides firmly pressed against the refillable cartridge.

Finally, the Machina Corp cartridge has been carefully designed so that when printed on the Machina Mk3 with default settings, it will yield a spool equal to 250Grams, which is what most regular spools weigh.