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X-Series 3D Printer

The MACHINA Mk2 Architecture

The Machina Mk2 Architecture is at the heart of all current generation 3D Printers manufactured by Machina.
The Machina Mk2 is a high tech, modern, advanced 3D printing platform upon we build our X-Series 3D printers, along side with customer and a range of OEM products.

The Mk2 product line is advanced, well rounded, with the perfect balance between being tough yet lightweight. With amazing reliability, quality and operator control, the Mk2 offer a class-defining level of experience.

Large Build Volume

From 200mm x 120mm to a market leading 500mm x 400mm.

We build OEM, manufacturing farms and custom machines.

Fast – High Throughput

Print in high quality, at speeds 6 times faster than the competition while maintaining high quality results.

Amazing Print Quality and Fidelity

Factory Precision Calibration

Over 10,000 hours of consistency and reliability testing on the Mk2

Professionally Engineered

Professionally engineered in Canada, for a global audience.

Using the best Made in Germany IGUS Precision Leadscrews.

Heated Bed to control warping on your long prints.

Rock Solid Architecture

Highest Performance on the market print head system

All metal print head – up to 500C
High Torque/Geared – amazing pushing force
Easy to load/unload system
Abrasion Resistant Nozzle – for all types of performance materials

Dual Pinch Drive System

Multi material

Composites – PLA, ABS, PET
Carbon Fiber, Flexible, Strong materials
High Temperature and abrasive materials such as PEEK and PEEK composites

Preconfigured Printing Software

Preconfigured profiles for most common qualities and materials.

Full Control over printing parameters


Compare Machine Specs

  Mark 2 / Generation 2 Mark 3 / Generation 3


X24 HT

X30 HT
OEM / Manufacturing Farm
Filament 1.75mm
Enclosed Chamber
Print Volume (*) 305 x 210 x 280mm
12 x 8.27 x 11 in

500 x 400 x 500 mm
19.68 x 15.74 x 19.68 in
305 x 210 x 280 mm
12 x 8.27 x 11 in
305 x 305 x 280 mm
12 x 12 x 11 in
100mm to 1000mm
4 to 40 in

All Metal Printhead
High Torque Geared Extruder
Abrasion Resistant Nozzle
Heated Bed
Dual Z Stage
300 Celsius PrintHead (**)
500 Celsius PrintHead Optional
Layer height 50-600 Microns
Nozzle Diameter (***) 0.4mm 0.8mm 0.4mm 0.8mm Optional
ABS, ASA, Carbon Fiber, PC/ABS, PC, Nylon, ESD-Safe, PETG, ASA, TPU, PLA
PEEK, ULTEM PEI, PPSU, PSU, ESD-Safe (****) Optional Optional
LCD Panel/SD Card/ USB Connectivity
Windows/Linux/Mac OS
HVD-TECH ™ – Hardware Vibration Dampening Technology

Ultra-thin and Ultra-light HeatBed

Ultralight Aluminum vibration dampening endoskeleton structure

Dual Extruder Optional Optional Optional
Multiple Build Chambers 1x, 2x, 4x, 6x
(*) – Single extruder setup
(**) – Standard Print Head Max Temp is 300Celsius. PrintHead Upgrades to 500C available
(***) – All Machines can accommodate various size nozzles – 0.4mm, 0.8mm. Available layer heights are dependent on nozzle diameter.
(****) – Ultem/PEEK capable with 500Celsius option


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