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Machina Corp Filament

Machina Corp Professional Materials

Machina Corp materials are Made in Canada.
Machina Corp materials are made of the highest quality raw materials available, made at the highest precision possible at the best possible cost/value ratio. We stand behind our materials – we offer our customers engineered filaments with superior qualities that will allow you to get the most of your 3D Printer.
Machina Corp filament is tested extensively in multiple production batches before we ever offer the material to you. We not only test our own materials for thousands of hours, we send out to independent third party labs to have our materials tested.
We then certify the material, with our hardware and our settings, in order to be able to have a consistent product, with predictive behaviour and results so that when our customers ask about a tough material we can actually quantify what “tough” means. Science is the great equalizer and numbers do not lie: when we say “tough” on the box, we can back it with numbers to prove it.
For customers in product design who require certain numbers such as Young Modules or IZOD Data, please let us know and we can surely accommodate your request if the info is not already available on our website.
Contact us at sales @ for further info regarding our materials, sales and bulk/volume sales.