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Rapid Prototyping
MCAT – Machina Corp Applied Technologies
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Rapid Prototyping

We can help you accelerate your design cycle and give you flexibility in your product development

Companies world wide have proven that 3D Printing is an essential part of their processes and product development. Let the professionals at Machina Corp help you join the additive manufacturing revolution.

  • Iterative Design
  • Reduce rework and throw away prototypes
  • Communicate your vision and ideas much faster and with clarity
  • Test your product in the real world iteratively – all 3D printed products can be post processed to match your vision.

Machina Corp Applied Technologies – Strategic Consulting

Machina Corp Applied Technologies ™ – MCAT
Machina Corp professionals have a plethora of experience in how to use additive manufacturing and 3D Printing for prototyping and real world applications. We can take a strategic, top down look at where you want to use 3D printing and can help you create a comprehensive business case and roadmap for easier adoption and integration in your existing processes.

MCAT Highlights

  • Low-Volume production
  • High Customization
  • Low eco-impact
  • More efficient supply chains
  • Develop road maps and business plans
  • Advise on appropriate applications for 3D printing in combination with existing/traditional manufacturing processes
  • Help you quantify your return on investment and potential business impact
  • Geomatic Solutions – to read more, click here
  • Complex Data representation from various sources: GIS, Drones, Lidar, medical MRI, CAT Scan, etc.

Machina Fulfillment and Advanced Manufacturing Services

Machina Fulfillment and Advanced Manufacturing Services brings your ideas to life. We do custom 3D printing, whether you created your own 3D models or had us work with you in creating the 3D models. We help customers be competitive in a global market, be part of the new way of approaching fulfillment, logistics and supply chain processes with just in time, focused manufacturing process.

Let Machina Fulfillment and Advanced Manufacturing Services help you with solutions through your product development and manufacturing life cycle – whether we complement your in-house capabilities, testing mew materials or new finishings.

Finishing Services

  • Assembly
  • Inserts
  • Hardware
  • Sanding
  • Tumbling
  • Priming and Painting
  • Sealing

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