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Z-Axis Calibration Process

Important: You should NOT perform this unless either (a) the print is not sticking to the print plate OR (2) the filament is very squished when the machine starts printing.

Below are the instructions on how to check your Z-Calibration.

1. Take a piece of flat Paper , put it on the print bed and then home the Z axis in the middle of the print bed. Please bring the nozzle to temperature before homing it.

2. The nozzle should mark the paper lightly when removing the paper.

3. The paper should not come out freely but also the nozzle should not rip the paper.

4.1 Mk1 X-Series – If needed, adjust the screw by the Z limit switch with a screwdriver. Test the Paper.

4.2 Mk2 X-Series – if needed, adjust the yellow knob on top left of printer.

5. If it’s not OK, adjust and try again. Remember not to leave nozzle down at temperature too long .

Note: You should adjust in half turn increments. You should raise Z by 10mm before homing again. Just homing Z when it’s on the limit will give you a false positive.