Calibration Test


Download link: Machina Corp Tinkercad Account – calibration test.

This is a model intended to help you identify if your X-Series 3D Printer is working appropriately.

This model should be printed before logging any support tickets, emailing or calling us. We will ask you to print this model and (if deemed necessary) may ask you to try and send us a picture after the object has been printed.

This model is 70mm in length (X axis), 80 mm in width (Y axis) and 20mm in height (Z axis).

You should print the model with the following settings:

Skirt: 2 loops.
Infill: 0 (Zero).
Top layers: 0 (Zero).
Bottom layers: 0 (Zero).
Cooling: Enabled.
Cooling min speed: 15mm/sec.
Parameters/Shells (e.g. Slic3r): 1 (one).
Wall width (Cura): 0.35mm .
– Print at least one of: 30/60mm/sec
– To print at speeds at or over 80/120mm/140mm/sec you should enable cooling.
Layer height: 0.25mm, 0.2mm, 0.15mm, 0.1mm