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Mk1 – Quick Start Guide

Connect your computer to the printer via the supplied USB cable.

Start Repetier-Host on your computer and click “Connect”.

Once the printer is connected, click on the “Manual-Control” tab, and pre-heat the hotend to 190 Degrees Celsius. While the machine is heating up, load up the filament.

Once the machine has been pre-heated, extrude filament in 10mm increments at 50mm speed until the filament begins to come out the hotend.

Clean up the nozzle with the provided twizzers, home the X/Y axis, clean again if necessary, then home the Z axis. Click on the “SD Card” button, click on the file you want to print, and click “Print” (or “Run”).

Remove the USB cable.

Congratualtions, you have just started a 3D print. Let your X-Series print your object and enjoy being part of the future.