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Safety First

The Machina X-Series 3D Printer is a precision tool that, when used properly, will help you bring your ideas to life. Like any professional equipment, you should treat the printer, materials, and accessories with respect and care to ensure a safe working environment and a long lasting machine.

Modifying your printer without explicit approval and directions from Machina Corp will invalidate your Machina Maintenance Service, potentially ruin the machine, and, more importantly, can cause bodily harm.

Hot End
The X-Series 3D Printer has a moving hotend that is tuned to work up to 240 Degrees Celsius. Never touch the hotend while the printer is working, and for at least one hour after it has been turned off.

The printer has built in safeguards to protect it from overheating, however the normal operating temperatures and the upper temperature safeguards are over 200 degrees Celsius, which is very dangerous for a human being. If this system is tampered with, or fails, there is risk for the hot end reaching very high temperatures and severe burning may occur if touched.

The X-Series Printer uses thermoplastics such as PLA and PLA/PHA which are biodegradable; this materials is NOT approved for use with food or drink or medical applications. Never ingest thermoplastics in liquid or solid form.

Please contact the manufacturer of the respective materials you use with the X-Series Printer for more information for material safety data sheets.

ColorFabb website is here.

Ultimachine website is here.

A 3D printer is an excllent educational tool. Supervise young, inexperienced users to ensure enjoyable and safe operation. Never reach into the build area while the printer is in operation and never touch the hotend for at lest one hour after shutting the power off.